Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A side excursion

Due to a conflict in scheduling, neither Evie (Osprey, Jokatis), nor Trunk (Harrothgar) were able to make session, so I came up with a quick scenario off the top of my head. Grettir was arrested for having killed the three thieves and was brought before the Kin & a mysterious half-red painted councilor. She was obvious the real power in the room & the King her puppet. When Grettir can't be proved false, despite a half dozen witnesses against him, the King demands to read the Scroll Grettir's mother had given him. After a bargaining, the scroll was to be merely tested for evil against Sartar, but the councilor reads it anyway & forces Grettir to take a scroll to the New Lunar Temple otherwise his friends would be executed. 

Grettir & Aelwynn undertake this trip. Along the way they stumble into a trap set by Kallyr Starbrow & friends. Kallyr barters fairly with Grettir & lets Grettir know where the goal of his personal quest lies if he will let them doctor the scrolls he carries & the ones he is to return with. Everything proceeds as planned at the New Lunar Temple and The pair start their return journey & meet up with Kallyr. This deal is met by both sides and they part as friends. When Grettir returns with the return scrolls the seals pass inspection so the crisis is averted but they now have a Lunar enemy and under the disfavor of the King.

The party is reunited & will proceed upon its way.

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