Sunday, February 5, 2012

Recap of the first sessions - end Morsugur (Jol) & early Thorri, 2012

Character creation was completed. It was done with a point buy system using extra points awarded or extra skills added depending on the character back story written up by the player. Kevin, Nate, & Karen especially shown at this process. Because most players are not very familiar with the Norse mind-set (other than the Hollywood version) I created an introduction sheet & a series of questions regarding situations that allowed me to grade them on opposed virtues similar to the "King Arthur Pendragon" system.

The story opens in January shortly after the Huldanott marking the end of the Yule season.
Buri Lawgiver, affectionately known as Buri the Stout, has passed away – He was the HárGodhi (high-priest) for the district & a great beneficiary to one & all. He was the glue that held these various small settlements together & kept warfare & feuds from breaking out. Many folk travel the distance to his Hof to honor his memory in a great feast. A Spakona has been summoned to speak with the Spirits to commemorate his passing. Several of the party hear her words Spae for them.

A Skaldic competition is held and after much back & forth Skolmr (Kevin) wins the evening. Despite the entertainment fights and old feuds break out as Bjorn is not the man his father was. Arvarodd (Nate) cleverly prevents a blood-feud from happening by testing one youth who threatens him in a drinking contest. Arvarodd out-swills the poor lad & leaves him under the table. Tyr (Larry) also tries to play along by drinking and preaching & gets so annoying that his drunken and unconscious body is left with the pigs. Mar (Jerry) talks shop with the blacksmith trying to build connections & learns about bog iron.

The next morning in a further attempt to patch up quarrels Bjorn organizes a competitive Boar hunt amongst the various contingents. At one point Larry mistakes a Bear for a Boar & causes some interesting times. When a pack of boar is found, everyone is successful but alas Mar, Ulfar (Anthony) and Tyr are injured. Siv (Karen) kills everything in sight that somebody hasn't gotten to first! Personally I would have used a weapon, but to each their own. returning from the hunt, the party is ambushed. Ulfar redeems himself in his father's eyes by a brave rescue of his trapped father, Tyrwald. The rest of the party manages to slay the ambushers and capture one wounded one. The attackers are recognized as being men of Tyrwald's old enemy.

They bring their captive back before Bjorn for justice. After much wrangling amongst the party as well as the assembled leaders, it is decided that justice will be sought at the Thing in July & that the prisoner will be held until then. To compound his misery he is to be held in a open slatted Summer-barn as a jail. (No, Nate there are no records of a building being built to function as just a jail during this period of time). Alas his guard falls asleep & though Arvarodd takes an arrow trying to protect the prisoner the villain is slain. During the pursuit another member of the enemy faction is caught & is held more tightly this time.

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