Sunday, February 5, 2012

Start of a new RPG campaign

Because of conflicting scheduling Kevin & I are alternating Saturdays for our weekly game. This has created some confusion for players in keeping track of where they are. Here's my attempt in helping them. Due to popular acclaim we are using a variant of the Runequest System. It will be a difficult for most gamers to play because it is low-magic & limbs will be lost! Plus I'm a sick & twisted b*****d & have add lots of plot twists on the fly. - I just love the pole-axed look when I let a player hang himself by his own actions (there will be a posting on some of my favorites I'm sure). The players just hate it when I smile quietly.

The campaign is a "Viking" age campaign that I'm starting a bit early (around 400AD). It is toward the end of the reign of King Frodhi Sheaf-child, a time of relative peace & prosperity within the unified jarldoms in the Jutish peninsula & southern Norway. This is shortly before the time of the legendary King Hadding of the Danes, Sigurd, Sigfried, & Beowulf. It is also shortly before the time of that nancy-boy prig over in Llogres name Artie or something like that (I'm just teasing, Greg)The setting begins in the Norwegian village of Skaldby (roughly pronounced Shawl-de-boo) governed by the cunning Hersir (sort of a Lord/leader by acclaim) Tyrwald Limb-lopper. His son Thurri is set to rule after him and has shown great promise.

The Dramatis Personae:
Arvarodd the stout: (Nate) orphaned nephew to Tyrwald & bound on avenging his family's murder. Found nearly dead after the massacre & nursed back to health by Siv & falls head over heels for her & is desirous of marrying her.
Siv: (Karen) Eldest of a family entirely of daughters. Her father feeling he's been cursed by not having a son to carry on his warrior tradition trains his Siv to be a warrior. The Goddess Sif has taken an interest in the bloodthirsty young lady. She has been fostered to Tyrwald to complete her training.
Skolmr Ketilsson: (Kevin) the skald & loremaster of our group & Skop (house-bard) to Tyrwald. His specialty is "Flyting" (insults) so he can be a bit unwelcome in some mead-halls. Plus there was the incident where he shot his grandfather (to ease his passing while being forced to endure "The Walk") & thus annoyed the rest of the family with the implied dishonor. Despite all of that he's a talented poet & singer in search of just the right bird-bone to make a flute from.
Ulfar: (Anthony) is the bastard son of Tyrwald by a Hibernian women that he had captured as a slave & taken as a leman for her charms. Unfortunately Ulfar doesn't have his mother's charming ways & has worked hard be annoying most of the village & lazy at work in the odd hopes that he might win his father's approval. Odd that! But at least illegitimacy is not much of an obstacle in these times.
Mar: (Jerry) he was a blacksmith apprentice who lost his teacher & is now attempting to take over the role of the village smith. He spends much of his time trying to find a teacher & materials for his masterwork. A large man whole likes to throw anvils at people he doesn't like. (Perhaps he learned it from Sir Bercilak, eh? - but that's a whole different story)
Tyr: (Larry) ostensibly a boat builder, Tyr is much like his player: MAD, BONKERS, & very pontificating at times, but that gives him & his character a certain amusement factor & allows evil GM's like me an extra tool to tweak the party with.

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